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Valiber is a group of international design, brand experience, and marketing specialists, with a focus on the Asian markets. The Valiber team are experts in their fields and has extensive knowledge, experience and insight to deliver successful and result-driven design and brand solutions, marketing and communication strategies and digital media implementations for clients and partners.

  • Concept development is where we explore your idea and all its possibilities. As an innovative team, we help turn your thoughts into actionable ideas and visions. Our brand development experts help you to consistently establish, build, grow your most valuable asset in a way that supports your business goals and delivers results

  • Valiber Group regularly provides business advice to clients entering new markets, expanding their product portfolio, or needing a thorough analysis and evaluation of current business practices. Further, Valiber consultants are also hired as interim Communication Directors, Heads of Marketing, and similar.

  • Cut through the noise with stellar writing and thought-provoking ad campaigns. Valiber will conceptualize and produce marketing communications that enhance your brand and build credibility and grow sales.

  • Our philosophy will always be: “Don't make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful”. From interiors, sets, and events to brand logos and packaging, we combine architecture, design knowledge, engineering expertise, and problem-solving, to continuously innovate and create impactful design solutions

  • Whether you want to create scroll-stopping content or develop a captivating social and digital presence, we’re here to assist: Valiber Group helps clients grow their social media engagement, write blogs and web copy, and help create online campaigns. From LinkedIn and Instagram to TikTok and Twitch and beyond, we evaluate your needs to deliver the results you want.

  • “You get the media you deserve” is what we tell corporate executives at our media trainings. This holds true for all Public Relations endeavours: if used correctly, press releases, media outreach, press events, and crisis communications are wonderful communication tools. If used incorrectly, it can be a terrible waste of resources or, worse, have a debilitating impact on your brand. Tread wisely!


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